Our Mission

We are committed to making quality books, goods, and services available that promote truth, goodness, and beauty to the Filipino home and beyond.

EST. 2021

Our Story

We are a simple Filipino homeschooling family seeking to follow the Great Tradition. With this noble cause in mind, we have searched for books that reflect this ethos in our teaching and learning. True enough, there are a number of resources available worldwide. But they take a while to reach our native shores and the prices are certainly not the most welcoming. Thus, Pilgrim Paideia began with a mission of making meaningful materials available for our own homeschool journey and others like us.

It is our humble desire that the resources we share and create through this project will find their way into your family baskets and little libraries. We hope that Pilgrim Paideia will be instrumental in bringing truth, goodness, and beauty into your own hearts and homes.

Keren Chu, Founder & Creator


Our Name

The word pilgrim brings to mind the concept of a traveller. It evokes the journey motif which can be traced all across the Bible. Just as John Bunyan emphasized in his bestselling classic, Pilgrim’s Progress, Christians are on their way to the Celestial City. Not only that, it also highlights the learning (and unlearning) journey that each homeschool family embarks on.

Education comes from a Latin word, but the original Greek word used in the New Testament was paideia. An education that was truly paideia for the classical world meant not just passing along ideas, but enculturation—

it is a transmission of an entire culture. As Christians, we lay forth the culture of the Christian tradition, which seeks to cultivate piety, virtue, and wisdom in each person—young or old—through the Gospel to the glory of God.

Bridging these two ideals, we have brought pilgrim and paideia together as we strive to promote truth, goodness, and beauty, along with the realization that God Himself is the font and foundation of all these things.

Soli Deo Gloria

Our Commitment

Local & Sustainable

All our books are locally printed in the Philippines, and are shipped from our warehouse in Quezon City.

In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we aim to use (and reuse) as much eco-friendly and sustainable materials as we possibly can in packing your parcels.

We’re still learning. If you have any suggestions on how we can be better at this, please send us a message through our Contact page.